Brief History

Founded in the late 80's primarily through the dedication, hard work and above all love for the game of cricket by Subhashish Sircar and Rajeev Khanna.

From humble beginnings of a grass pitch and weekend game here or there, GRCC has progressed to becoming one of the leading teams in the Mid Atlantic Cricket Conference comprising of 17 teams across Virginia. Today we play on a matting pitch in the middle of a beautiful ground maintained by the county of Henrico.


  • MACC Champions 2016
  • MACC T20 Runner Up 2015
  • MACC Champions 2015
  • MACC T20 Runner Up 2014
  • MACC Champions 2014
  • MACC Champions 2013
  • MACC Quarterfinalists 2012
  • 20-20 Champions 2012
  • MACC Champions 2011
  • 20-20 Champions 2011
  • MACC Champions 2010
  • 20-20 Champions 2010
  • MACC Quarterfinalists 2007
  • MACC Finalists Runner up 2006
  • MACC Champions 2005
  • MACC Quarterfinalists 2004
  • MACC Quarterfinalists 2003
  • Richmond Cricket League Champions 2002
  • MACC Quarterfinalists 2001
  • MACC Semifinalists 2000
  • MACC Finalists 1999 

Cricket in the USA and Richmond

"Cricket - a game which the English, not being a spiritual people, have invented to give themselves some conception of eternity." - Lord Mancroft.To many of us folks from the Indian sub-continent, cricket is not just a game. It is a daily ritual. The sheer poetry in motion of a well executed stroke by the batsman, the unbridled aggression of a fast bowler at his peak or the mesmerizing magic of a spinner’s fingers; these are some of the expressions used to enjoy and live the sport we all love. Spanning a wide spectrum of the populace that ranges from the unfortunate slum dwellers in big cities to the not so unfortunate sub-continental immigrant population of silicon valley, cricket enjoys immense patronage, sometimes bordering on religious fervor. There are many amongst us who at some point have always dreamed in vain about donning the national colors and setting the stage alight. 

All of us who come to this great country with aspirations of a better life still think about some of the good things that were left behind. After all, every decision that one makes involves some kind of trade-off. And to many people, a significant negative in this trade-off is not being able to follow, play or discuss a game that has grown up with them.

It is to fulfill this desire that Greater Richmond Cricket Club (GRCC) was initially formed a dozen or so years ago.  It is also the reason that members of the Greater Richmond Cricket Club and all the other cricket clubs in the Mid-Atlantic States get together to play every summer. There are no monetary awards for victories, no severe reprimands for failure. What we aspire to get out of a regular sunday at the field is a nice day in the sun and a competitive game played in the best of spirits between the opponents. The spirit of camaraderie that exists here, starting from the exchange of pleasantries to the sharing of home-cookedtraditional sub-continental food at lunch is adequate proof of that. It also serves as a great way for parents who are settled here to bring their families and friends and share a part of their roots with them.

The day is not far when cricket as a sport will gain widespread acceptance in this country as well and we, the members of this club, with continued support and enthusiasm from patrons such as yourselves, hope to make that happen. So, be a part of this dream and come and enjoy a day in the sun with us. 

Who says we miss cricket ?


Sastry Vedam, GRCC

October 7,2001

Richmond, VA